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We have made some improvements to say the least..

Card Library

This has been a monumentus task that I clearly did not understand when I thought of cataloging this collection.

Among the upgrades, we added a special field to each card for the Card Number and Card Type. Before, we wesearching the actual text of the card which ran into some site speed issues.We have even started the process of adding errta and rulings to card profiles.Check out the new card libarary here.

Card Search

Before we were using a generic plugin to customize the search. It would pull in all kinds of stuff across the site. Now, we have a truly custom search for card text only.

Deckbuilder 2.0, now with less beta!

The deckbuilder used to search the card text and match it into the card numbers, etc. But now that we have fields for that, I redid the whole back end in about 4 hours. Build and share here!

The Future: OneFall Tournament System

Now I will start to finish out the tournament system. This is an entire eco system for the SRG Universe so we had to start at the “beginning of life”, the cards, and then track the cards through the entire life cycle of the game. So Cards->Decks->Events->Event Registration->Brackets and Pairings->Top Cut->Winner-> Season->Titles.

Thats where were going. The future is so bright…

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