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The first ever Uncivil Faction Wars draft has just concluded. Here are the thoughts at the top of my mind.

  1. There are some sharks in the water. After looking at the initial team makeups, in no particular order: Bum Rush, New Wool Order, Undisputed Underground, XCW and #innercircle look tough.
  2. The trade by Danny Thunder to pick up El Super Hombre may have been the best move of the draft.
  3. Alien Invader at 53 was a bargain. Should have gone sooner.
  4. Numer01 I would have rated higher in the draft order, but still made the first round cut.
  5. After Anarchy’s Son’s performance at the Michigan CAC, I’m really suprised he wasnt drafted higher.
  6. David Starr drafted at 43. He would have gone higher with his win in Cleveland IF his record wasnt 3-3. The diversity rule really affected how the community feels about the competitor after 3 EC3s were bumped out of the top.
  7. Riggs Simmons made it? Whaaaa….
  8. Man from IT at 38. Suprised this did not go in round 2 with how much competitve play he has been seeing lately.

There is more to come as we analyze the picks and the teams further. This was the first real ranking of competitors by the community. If the kickstarter had been released, this would have been a completely differnt meta as The Salty Sailor is currently the talk of town.

Thats it for tonight! The draft was a blast, and I will see you all in Cincy!

-Bob the Ogre

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Gary Schneider II · May 1, 2019 at 8:40 am

I think my biggest shock was in the first round that Matt Nelan didn’t take El Super Hombre, I know Snake Pitt is a beast, but if anyone has played against Matt’s El Super Hombre deck like i have twice, they would know that build is amazing, the second is how far the El Super Hombre dropped, considering he is considered to be in the top 1%..

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