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This article may not be for everyone, but for fellow players like myself who enjoy number crunching and analysis, this should be right up your alley. When it comes to the various competitors that make up the L.F.F., everyone knows that each competitor has skills that range from five to ten, but when you break down the numbers, you’re able to see that there are certain skills that have a lot more tens than others. Below we’ll spotlight a few interesting findings that was found while compiling the data of all known competitors currently available in The Supershow. If anything was missed, keep in mind when this article was typed up. Also it is possible that a character or two could have been missed if Bob or myself don’t know about them. Anyway, let’s move onto the data at hand.

As of now, there are more 10’s in Strike, than there is in any other skill. On the other end of the spectrum, there are only 8 competitors with a Strike of 5.

With a total of 165 total singles competitors used for this data, not counting flip cards twice unless there was a stat change on them, above is the number of competitors that fall within each skill and number. Obviously, there aren’t too many Tag Team or Trios in the game currently, but we have those accounted for as well in their own little table. Hopefully we get more Tag Teams and Trios sooner rather than later though!

Anyway, as you look through the data provided, you can see right away that more characters have 10’s in Power, Agility and Strike than the other three skills, with Strike coming in as the winner currently at 35 competitors. If you look at the other side of the coin, there are currently only 19 competitors that have their Technique skill as 10. So keep that kind of thing in mind when it comes to creating characters in the future. If you skip over to what skill has the most 5’s, Power and Technique reign supreme on that, which means that competitors are either very strong or very weak when it comes to their power, there’s not much in between. One thing that sticks out like a sore thumb is the fact that there are only 8 competitors right now that have a Strike skill of 5. I guess it makes some sense if you look at the fact that 44 competitors have a 9 in Strike, making the total between 10’s and 9’s 79. That’s almost half of the competitors, which in turn makes a card like “Running Lariat” hard to use on a lot of the competitors in the L.F.F. If you use that same mindset however, a card like “Single Leg Crab” used by a competitor that has a 10 in Technique has a high chance of working.

Analytics isn’t something that everyone needs to use, but it could be a valuable tool when it comes to not only selecting a character you’d like to play, but also what cards you decide to put into your deck. I’ll continue to release more information about various character gimmicks, and other data that can be used to give yourself the best possible chance to succeed in this game that we all love. If anyone has any questions, or would like to chime in with their opinion, feel free to do so as a reply to this post. I’ll also post the same table that was posted above, but with percentages instead, if you’d rather see it in that way. I’ll see you all at The Grand Gathering very soon!

The same data as above, but in percentage form.
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