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Some of us don’t own multiple copies of some of our favorite cards, but we want to play multiple competitors. How do we do this?

I give you, a “Core” deck. Its just a standard set of cards that I always play, and when I switch competitors, I just swap out the cards.

My Core Deck, My Competitors, and the Cards I swap with them.

So I use the same color sleeves for all of my competitors, which allows me to swap pretty quickly.

When I swap out, I take the core cards, place them into the deckbox for the competitor, and swap in my competitors cards. When I switch competitors again, I just replace the cards I removed in those slots and then swap in my new competitor.

Viola! The deck is now customized for my competitor! Below is a link to what I use for my core. Obviously changes can be pretty drastic depending on competitor.

When I run Flip Smiley I swap all of my stops for Draw Stops. But this extends your resources, and allows you to enjoy all of the competitors in your collection without having to rte-invest in cards you already own.

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