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Hello Scott, thank you for joining me today.

Scott: My pleasure.

So I hear you have a character who’s coming out very soon at Gen Con, and you wanted to show him off a bit. Please go ahead and explain how you came up with the character The Fireball?

Scott: So after finding out about SuperShow at Origins last year and seeing people portraying characters, I wanted to come up with my own character for Gen Con. After a conversation with Steven Hines, I said to Steve Resk that the LFF was missing the pretty boy rock star gimmick. Now I’m a big fan of rock ‘n roll and its culture so I came up with the Fireball. The line I have in my head for him is a little bit of Bowie and a little bit of Freddie. It’s basically me, but at an 11. Like the red leather jacket and the glasses are things that I wear on a daily basis. One other thing that is a personal touch to the character is while most rock stars play guitar, I can’t play the guitar to save my life, but I can legitimately sing well, so I added the microphone instead. Just to make the microphone stand out a little more, I made it like how Freddie Mercury would use only a half microphone.

As we see above, the card art is absolutely awesome! Tell me, what were your thoughts when you first got to see it?

Scott: It was awesome. Nunoh is always amazing, but Juan Pablo is quickly becoming one of my favorite artists and I will probably use him for future characters.

When it comes to the stat layout of the character, what went through your mind when you chose it?

Scott: I’m very particular about my design for stats. I did base the stats around characters I typically play so characters with high strike or technique. I have never played a character with high power so it was a given that it was going to be my worst stat. I did put my agility to an 8 so I could use a certain 8+ card if I so wished. 😉 The only thing I regret is not making my submission a 7, but hey, it is what it is.

Your gimmick could be very powerful, especially if you have a very stop heavy deck. How did you come up with the gimmick and was there any other iterations of that gimmick that got changed during the creation process?

Scott: So as some people may know, my main competitor is Lily Mai. It’s a very aggro competitor that runs on few stops. The issue with that is if you blank the gimmick, half of your deck doesn’t work the way it should and you can’t stop a thing. So the added ability to use stops and get a boost is a benefit from Lily. So originally the gimmick was going to boost the stats just like Lily Mai, but that was deemed too powerful. So by changing it to turn roll, you still get a benefit of getting a boost to winning rolls. The interesting part with this gimmick is you will have to decide if you want more stat boosting or stops cause they run in the same spots so there is that challenge when it comes to deck building.

This is the first time that anyone has gotten to the see the competitor card, or the finishes, so go ahead and introduce each of your finishers one by one, and give us insights on your thoughts of each one of them.

Scott: “Rebel Rebel” is what I like to call high risk, high reward. I wanted a DQ finisher from the start, but I wanted something that gave you a good benefit by playing it. I didn’t want the finisher to get replaced by some generic for people that are afraid to play DQ finishers. Originally it was only going to be +2 to power, but after the change to the gimmick it made sense to increase it because hey man, it’s a DQ finish. The adding 3 stops to deck is great especially in late game cause it might be what makes or breaks your chance at winning the game.

Scott: “Killer Queen” is the most basic of my finishers. Adding 2 stops to hand helps you be prepared for the next crowd meter if your opponent kicks out and the flip 2 helps add some stops to the discard pile if you don’t have stops in there yet.

Scott: So this finisher is a lot different than what I had originally planned. Originally I was going to do the “Walls of Jericho” as an homage to one of my favorite wrestlers Chris Jericho, but with the release of Haultain and other characters using the walls I decided to use something else. I decided that I would pay homage to my favorite Japanese wrestler, Minoru Suzuki. Like the image for the sleeper hold is near identical to an image of Suzuki doing that move. Now I like to use real life logic to cards and my original idea was since I was using a sleeper hold it would be harder to kick late in the 3 count roll. So basically -1 to the 2nd roll and -2 to the 3rd roll. I didn’t know that this finisher already existing in Phantasm. Now long story short, when CJ Sparrow came out at the Grand Gathering, he also had a similar finish and that kind of forced a change to my finish, which I get. So now the 3rd roll is the most important because even if I roll an 8 its not the easiest to kick out of.

Now that everyone has gotten to see your awesome creation, tell me, how was the process of working on the character with The Boss himself Steve Resk?

Scott: It was super easy working with Steve on building a character. I had a good idea on what I wanted from the start and I understand how to balance things out, so nothing I asked for was too outrageous. Any time I had questions for Steve he was easily available. And if there is something you don’t like, you can work it out with Steve because in the case of The Fireball, the first draft of art had me with more blonde hair than red. So I asked if we could change it to more red and no time flat it was changed to what you see today.

If you purchased the creation of your character, do you feel that it was a good investment?

Scott: Of course! You gotta get the rock star of The SuperShow. It will make your binders instantly prettier and you become 100% more fabulous just playing The Fireball!

When building a deck for this character, what sort of cards would you make sure to have in the deck? Anything that’s an absolute must?

Scott: Now I’m not gonna reveal all of my secrets when it comes to deck building for the Fireball. Obviously its gonna be a stop heavy deck, but I’m gonna say look at options for draw power, recursion and maybe some stops that aren’t frequently played. The one card I kinda see as a must pack is flying forearm shot just because it lets you draw and it is a stop for Press Slam.

Do you have any advice for community members who decide to create their own character in the future?

Scott: My only advice is don’t think that any ideas are off of the table. When I was designing Fireball, my #1 thought was, is that too crazy? Well if it’s too crazy, someone’s gonna tell me to draw it back.

Do you have any plans to make another character in the future?

Scott: Ohhhh yeahhhh. So I was originally gonna submit The Fireball for the CCC contest, but I couldn’t write a decent back story. So then I got the idea of a bug super hero the Masked Beetle. Masked Beetle triggered something in my head to make a universe of about 7 characters. So if I get the chance Masked Beetle is next then I have his allies Masked Mantis and Masked Ladybug. On top of that I have the Masked Beetle’s archenemy Black Scorpion X and his underlings Black Scorpion 1,2,3. Needless to say I’ve got a few characters I’d like to add to the LFF.

If you have anything you want to shout out, or anything you want to say to the SRG Universe, go ahead, the floor is yours!

Scott: The Fireball is ready to blaze through the LFF and make an Impact. I’m one hot man rocking with sex appeal so when you roll with The Fireball you better get ready to sing, you better get ready to dance, and if not you can head right out the exit door baby. Kisses boys and girls!

I’d like to thank you once again for joining me Scott, and I wish you good luck playing your character, as I’m sure you’ll do quite well with it!

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