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Hello Everett, thank you for joining me today to talk about your character in the L.F.F. “The Phoenix” EV Fresh. I must say, the nickname of “The Phoenix” is pretty cool, how did you get it or come up with it?

Everett: So originally in this game I was called Kid Fresh because I was known for playing Kid Fresh at PAX Unplugged. I had to make a new name because I didn’t want to steal the name from a kid who is portrayed as Kid Fresh. I wanted a name that symbolized someone getting back up after getting knocked down and I thought of a phoenix because after a phoenix dies it comes back to life. I had to keep something that symbolized my beginnings so I kept the fresh as a last name for my character. That is how I became “The Phoenix” EV Fresh.

When it comes to the overall look of your competitor, what sort of thought process went into it? Do you actually have that full outfit?

Everett: I wanted bright colors for my competitor and I thought red, orange and yellow would be great colors for my competitor. I wanted a jacket that had the hood shaped like a beak. I don’t own an outfit like that, it would make me look too much like a chicken rather than a phoenix like my friends keep telling me. If you see me, you see me usually wear a phoenix hoodie.

When it comes to your competitor card, how did you come up with your stat line up? Was there any certain moves you were thinking about when coming up with those numbers?

Everett: So my stat line that I thought of did change. Originally it was going to be 8 power instead of 8 submission, but Chris Pagillo aka The Italian Bombada told me that he was going to have my character on the impact bomb card and asked me to change my 8 to submission so my competitor can actually play it. I am a fan of “Full Nelson” and “The 718” so I wanted my competitor to be able to use those cards.

How about we move onto your gimmick? It definitely seems like a good gimmick to use against characters that constantly try to dominate turn rolls. What was the thought process when you were coming up with it, and did it change at all over time?

Everett: I wanted a competitor that does something when losing turn rolls because at that time there wasn’t one in the game and my least favorite thing in the game is losing several turn rolls in a row which puts me extremely behind. Originally, I wanted my gimmick to be “when I lose the turn roll, my next turn roll is +1.” I had other ideas when talking to Chris Pagillo and Sarkis Babikian, the creator of the immortal warrior, but Steve gave the final idea of giving my gimmick +1 to three of my stats when my opponent wins a turn roll to make my competitor more fair in singles and multiplayer formats.

When it comes to your finishers, what went through your mind when you were coming up with what each one did?

Everett: I wanted all of my finishers to do something with losing turn rolls, only the strike stuck because it was the only one that the wording would make sense. The submission finish was an idea Chris Pagillo gave to me, but it was crowd meter 2 originally not crowd meter 3. The grapple finish I came up with was just more about utility and to get more cards along with getting a +1 to the turn roll.

Throughout the process of creation of your character, what was it like working with the SRG Boss? Did he give you any cool ideas for your character or finishes?

Everett: Working with the SRG Boss definitely helped me with actually making a competitor work. He more so fine tuned the competitor to make it fairer and easier to play.

When it comes to purchasing a competitor set, do you feel as if it was well worth the money?

Everett: It was definitely worth the money spent to immortalize myself into a card game that I love and being able to stand out against other competitors in the game.

When you build a deck for this competitor, what are certain cards that you feel are a must have? Is there a certain play style that fits the character better than others?

Everett: I don’t want to tell people what are must haves in the deck because other people have certain play styles that they like. I say play my competitor however you feel like because my competitor doesn’t restrict you to playing a certain play style.

What sort of advice do you have for the community if they’d happen to show interest in making a character for the game in the future?

Everett: All I can say is if you have a certain aspect in the game that you don’t like and want to make a competitor, just do it. It will help out not just yourself but others in the community.

Do you have any immediate plans to make any other characters for the game, or are you done for now?

Everett: I don’t know what I want to do with Edwin Carlton Patrone yet, but expect a CCC appearance of a certain east coast promoter.

If there’s anything you’d like to shout out, or shed some spotlight to, here’s your chance. The floor is yours sir!

Everett: I’d like to give a shout out to Jeffrey Reilly, Jonathan Van Derziel, Chris Pagillo John Polverino, Joseph Ritchie, Micheal Deans, Kyle Kreiger, and Nick Ciuffreda for allowing me to continue my time in this game because if it weren’t for you guys, I’d probably be out of the game by now. Also, I’d like to thank Andy Rossi for introducing this amazing game to me at pax unplugged.

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Good stuff Phoenix. Love this series, thanks for more content.

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