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In our last article, we covered just some of the ways to develop a wrestling persona for the SRG Universe. Now that we have the concept and have put some of that together, its time for the world to meet your alter ego.

Shoot or Script?

I personally am a fan of scripting your first promo. Why? Because if you have a great idea in the middle of a live promo, its hard to integrate it on the fly. Rehearsing the script gives you some time to get comfortable with your new identity. How you speak, what kind of words you use, your tone, etc.

Of course there are some people who are comfortable and can work in front of a camera. By all means, go ahead.

Recording or Live?

Doing your intro live gives you the ability to interact with an audiance. This can give you some serious engagement and can create some of those “it” moments that solidify your identity. However, there are more opportunities to stumble and not be able to recover in a live intro.

Recording gives you the ability to re-shoot and re-cut anything you are not happy with. This is your image you want to project, so having the ability to edit and re-shoot when you stumble on a word, or say “um”. Depending on your skill level, you can do some pretty amazing editing to give your into that pro feel.

What do I need?

To start working on your intro here are some tools to get you started.

OBS – OBS is a free livestreaming and recording software that is used by many video creators through youtube and twitch.

Heres a guide on shooting high quality video with OBS.

A Webcam – The Logitech C920 Webcam is the standard webcam most people use. The price is around $50 (during the holidays you can find them much cheaper.) They can shoot 1080p High Def at 30 frames per second giving you a high quality video. To get any better, you may have to invest in a DSLR camera, which can run anywhere from $200+.

The Youtube Sound Archive – This is a library of free use songs and sounds. You dont want to get hit with a copyright strike on twitch or youtube.

Free Use Video Loops – If you hasve a greenscreen or want to create a title card, you can find some free use loops here to add as a background.

Hitfilm Express – Hitfilm is an easy to use, free video editor that comes with some effects built in. If you’ve never edited video, here is a tutorial that can get you pretty deep into hitfilm in a hurry.

Its all in the attitude.

Just make sure your new persona’s attitude shows, and have fun. The rest will follow! Like Shawn Michaels told Becky Lynch before she was “The Man”, “Act like youre the best thing going, and people just might start to believe it.”

Next week, we will cover being IN persona live and at the table while playing.

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