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Making a video or going live on Facebook is one thing. Being in persona live is another. You do need to be clear what is In-Character, and what is Out-of-Character.

In-Character (IC) or Cardfaybe…

Being in character gives you license and a freedom to break from social norms. You can be rowdy. You can be devious. You can act like a super hero! But… you must do it with a flair of being in-character.

Different things can trigger the mood, the attitude, and the voice. Sometimes its sun glasses, a bandana, a mask or even a song. Whatever you can attach your persona to that gives you the voice, the confidence to speak as your persona. Walk like your persona. You have to think like a super star. You can talk smack, but there is a line.

If your opponent engages you, go full throttle and let out your persona full force! Befoire you know it you will gather a crowd, and maybe even gain a new feud.

Read Your Opponent

Some people can get uncomfortable with making a spectacle of things. Make sure to check your opponents body language and mannerisms to see if they are okay with being called out. If you are unsure, its always okay to ask. In-Character smack talk has led to some bad feelings when the line gets blurred. The best rule of thumb when doing any promo or smack talk is to keep it focused on the game, and on your opponents persona.

But be a good sport…

No matter what the spectacle, Its always classy to shake hands and give a good game. Even if it is off to the side after you have put on a show. Were all here to enjoy this game and were a big gaming family.

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