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Hello Dustin, it’s a pleasure to get to sit down with you to talk about your two additions to the L.F.F. Devil’s Reject G.P.S. and The True American Guy. You’ve been a part of the community for quite some time I’ve heard, so first off, tell us about how you got into the game, and your overall experience playing this game we all love?

Dustin: Well it first started 3 years ago on a basketball court, I knew Phillip Armistead (Chester the Jester) and one he had asked if I liked wrestling. I said of course I do, I’ve watched since I was a kid. He started to talk about a wrestling card game and some interesting features about it, and I’m gonna be honest, I was very skeptical at first. Most of my friends I grew up with mainly just played video games and mostly I just played Yu Gi Oh. He invited me to Zack Woodall’s (King Greatness) house for a Supershow event they where having and I took the chance and went. As soon as I got there they were very welcoming. Not having a deck or anything to play, Phillip gave me a deck of cards and a competitor, which was AR Fox. My first ever game was with Pink (Austin Pogue aka King Pink) and he told me, “only few I allow to play against this deck, but I’m gonna let you do it”. One of his best decks was Smiley, Smiley was very underrated at the time. After that day I had joined KSW and became apart of the LFF. Since then the experience is so hard to find the right words to say, I love the people and the game it self. It’s the first game that you can say you have family from all over!

Let’s begin talking about your characters. The first character that you created was The Devil’s Reject G.P.S. What thoughts went into thinking up the overall look of the character, along with the competitor card aesthetic?

Dustin: Overall the look of The Devils Reject GPS, I tried to make him as much of a dark character as I could. My favorite villain of all time is the Joker, so some similar things about the two are they both broke out of a mental asylum. The name for instance is based on Rob Zombie’s, The Devils Rejects of course. I’m a major horror fan and it first came to me. Granted back then I was single and didn’t expect other competitors to go with it. The story of GPS is he deals with split personality disorder. I also throw a lot of myself in my characters that I don’t really talk about much, probably my biggest weakness is my anxiety in real life, so the straitjacket symbolizes my anxiety, like it holds me down in way! GPS comes from the fact my last name’s Garmon, yes it’s different then the Garmin brand spelling wise, but in school it was a nickname that stuck!

When it came to coming up with the stat layout for G.P.S., was there a certain reason you chose to have a high number in Grapple, Strike and Power, or did it just kind of fit the theme well? Was it also the first stat layout you came up with, or did it change during the creation process?

Dustin: To answer your question on the stat layout, a lot of my decks were 10 grapple at the time, it just became a thing. It is the first stat line I did start out with, I made no changes.

Let’s move onto the gimmick for the character. The gimmick itself is interesting, because it could allow you to roll through your deck pretty quickly, or it could end up being completely ineffective because of the rolls not working out in your favor. What was the thought process in coming up with the gimmick, and did it change at all from what you had first come up with?

Dustin: The gimmick was first when I hit a grapple card, draw one! At the time I didn’t really care for it and I do love count-out. A lot of times I don’t mean to do it, but count-out is what I’m best known as! I’ve won many big matches by count-out! I do love the fact that it does let you go through your deck very quick!

It’s time for the finish, or finishes for that matter. I enjoy the play on words with each name as it uses various G.P.S. terms. Each finish could be quite strong in their own right, along with having a strong effect attached. How did you come up with each finish? Is there one that you like better than the other two in particular?

Dustin: With my finishes, I wanted to go by a motto I love using for GPS, “Navigation to the Destination”. With GPS, he thinks he’s leading the Rejects to success. Hes been rejected most of his life, and always been told he wasn’t good enough. So to go with the concept I made the finishes based on navigation! My favorite finish is actually the ETA, back when I was training in the independent wrestling business, GPS was supposed to be a face. The owner of the company said I had to much of a baby face, the finish ETA was actually gonna be my real life finisher, which is the spear! So it’s more sentimental.

When creating a deck for The Devil’s Reject G.P.S. what cards do you feel are important to add? Is there any certain way you should try to play the deck to get the most out of the competitor?

Dustin: For the The Devils Reject GPS deck, I like grapples to be based on winning turn rolls, my finisher “Rerouting” is based on if you have 4 or more grapples in play it cannot be stopped. I do love to add cards to get cards out of my discard like the new gut wrench, and super kick. It’s pretty well balanced, not a lot of drawing cause the gimmick does the trick for you.

Let’s move on to your other character, the more recently released True American Guy Gregory Patrick Scott. The character definitely looks like you to a tee in my opinion, so props to Nunoh on that. Do you feel like the got the general theme for the character right with the way the character card turned out?

Dustin: Aww yes, The True American Guy Gregory Patrick Scott! A split personality of the Devils Reject GPS, this character was really fun to make also, because I put so much of myself in this character as well. He’s meant to be more of a face character, supposed to put the bad guys of the LFF in their place. Of course he doesn’t like GPS, but he doesn’t realize he has a bad personality as well. Since my psychiatrist got made Luna Bellatrix (Bettye Garmon), the story goes that she controls Gregory, if she gives him his medicine, hes TAG Gregory, if she decides to skip his medicine, he turns into GPS. The theme for him was to be an average joe and an every day American. I personally feel that soldiers are a major top priority, I think the flag background is a show of pride for our nation and to always remember our True American Heroes. That’s the reason his motto is: Stay True, Show Pride.

When coming up with the stat line up for The True American Guy, what was your thought process? I see that he appears to be stronger than your other character when it comes to the power, but both of their Strike skills seem to be rather similar. As for the gimmick, I’d honestly have to say that in a certain situation The True American Guy can be quite strong, especially if people constantly bump with you, but if they don’t, once again it could end up being rather ineffective. What went into coming up with the gimmick, and was it the one you wanted all along, or did it change a few times while the character was being created?

Dustin: During the gimmick process, I basically wanted to get out of my comfort zone and try something new. I do like making opponents randomly bury, so it eventually became what it is. The stat line is supposed to be the complete opposite of GPS to show the split personality of the two. I made the Power a 10 cause, I think of Gregory as my personal favorite wrestler John Cena. His personality, his stature, and strength is what I thought of. As you can see GPS 10 was grapple, it is a 5 for Gregory to help with the concept in difference.

Now let’s take a look at your finishes. Each finish seems pretty balanced, giving you a good pathway to victory if you roll one of the skills represented, and once again you included a finish that cannot be stopped in a certain situation. Is that something you really wanted to make sure was included with your two characters, or did it just happen by chance? What thoughts went into each of your finishes?

Dustin: My finishes titles for Gregory was to show the difference in the personalities also, for example GPS finish is Rerouting, and on Gregory’s its Straight and Narrow because Gregory is intelligent and different than the crazy GPS. Both characters have a finish that cannot be stopped, granted GPS hits way easier than Gregory, but often it seems to bump a lot with my opponent so I figured I’d throw that in there.

So when you create a deck for this character, do you try to mix in a lot of discard or bury cards, or do you just allow the gimmick to do the job for you, and focus on drawing cards yourself? Are there any special cards that you feel are must haves in a deck for The True American Guy?

Dustin: Special cards I would say for TAG are #19 “save the bacon” and #21 “swing and a miss” since u can carry both. It’s defensive but also offensive since both can copy a cards text. I usually like re-roll cards, burying cards from your opponents discard, and it’s a pretty balanced deck I would say of drawing and all.

While creating your two characters thus far, how has your experience been working with The SRG Boss Steve Resk?

Dustin: Working with Steve is very hard to put in words, him and his extraordinary staff work so hard to make the game authentic and enjoyable. Both of my characters came out how I wanted and I’m very appreciative of the work he does.

Do you feel that the price is worth it and would you purchase another character in the future? If you do plan on creating another character, would you like to give out any hints about it at all?

Dustin: Price is definitely worth it, who doesn’t want to play as something they created? Little hint, I do plan on making The Devils Rejects trio soon, The Devils Reject GPS, (Myself) Luna Bellatrix (Bettye Garmon), and his friend that GPS met in the asylum, Damien (Keith Strader). I believe y’all will enjoy them, I try to make characters that are mainly not just enjoyable to me, but enjoyable to everyone.

Do you have any advice for members of the community who may not have made a character for the game yet, but may want to in the future?

Dustin: Little advice to people who don’t have a competitor yet, I would definitely jump in and get started, it’s a very awesome experience and the best feeling to open a box and find yourself in it.

Thanks again for joining us here on Behind The Mask Dustin! It was a pleasure to have you.

As a special added bonus, here are the two senior pictures used for The Devil’s Reject and True American Guy. You can see that the resemblance is uncanny!

Credit: Dustin Garmon
Credit: Dustin Garmon
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