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The riverwalk, while nice, is a tourist trap filled with chain restaurants when there are so many local restaurants that are so much better within walking distance. This scope of this guide are for those who are looking to eat local fare without venturing too far for too long from the Henry B.
My BEST OF THE CITY recommendations are just that, and have no considerations for travel time or distance.
Again, this is my opinion so not trying to offend anyone if your resturaunts didn’t make the list.

Brazilian Steakhouse
Fogo De Chao on the Riverwalk. – $$$$ – Ive been here for several events and was great. Its hard to go wrong at a Brazilian steakhouse. Not friendly on the budget mind you.

Chauma Gaucha – $$$$- This is hands down the best in the city and was recently featured as the best in the country.
Mad Hatters Tea and Coffee House – $$ – Eggs Benedict. ‘Nuff said. Im partial to the Smoked Salmon Benny and the Bacon Benny. 320 Beauregard St, San Antonio, TX 78204
Magnolia Pancake Haus – $$ – If you are on the northside of San Antonio, this place is the place to eat breakfast. Its an hour wait any time after 8am. If the daily special inst your taste, I recommend the Sourthern Benny. Eggs Benedict with smoked pulled pork and BBQ sauce. Definitely breakfast the Texas way. Featured on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives.Embassy Oaks Shopping Center, 606 Embassy Oaks #100, San Antonio, TX 78216


Mexican Food – Bowling for Soup said it best. “The Mexican food sucks north of here anyways.”
Guadalajara Grill – $$ – Easy to get to from the convention center and not too expensive. Get the Molcajete.
301 S Alamo St, San Antonio, TX 78205

Food Trucks – Any mexican food you get from a food truck will be really authentic.
Also, the worse the place looks on the outside usually the food is better.

La Hacienda – $$ – Authentic Mexican food and Margaritas. Fried Jalapenos are awesome.
18747 Redland Rd, San Antonio, TX 78259

BBQ – This is near and dear to my heart. What do I consider true “Texas” BBQ? Brisket is the standard by which I judge BBQ. I have a running list I keep of all BBQ restaurants I visit.
Moses Rose’s – $$ – If they are serving the poutine, its a must have.
516 E Houston St · Near The Alamo

County Line BBQ – $$$- I know this will be a draw for those not looking to go far. Its not authentic. If you do go here, get the beef ribs. You dont need a full rack.

The Big Bib – $$$ – Everything. All of their meats are delicious. Cooked in their wood smoking pits in the back. My favorite side is the Sweet Potatoe Cassarole. Seriously, just give me a 5 gallon bucket of it and some brisket. Im good for a week.
104 Lanark Drive, San Antonio, TX

Whataburger – $ – Texas staple fast food place. Some people even claim Whataburger is life. Its definable better and fresher than your usual fast food fare.
412 E W Commerce St, San Antonio, TX 78205

Chris Madrids – $$ – The Tostada Burger is the way to go. Burger, cheese, refried beans, chips, onions, and salsa… Yum.
1900 Blanco Rd, San Antonio, TX

The Brooklynite – $ – Local pub with eatery on the north side of downtown. This place is perfect for PAX as they even host Magic tournaments from time to time.

Alamo Brewery – $ – The Alamo Brewery is the largest of the local microbrews and has a bar. If you’re a beernurd, check this place out.

Sterneworth – $$ – At the hotel in the historic Perl Brewery. I recommend an Old Fashioned.

Food Trucks
If you’re looking for food trucks, head to Alamo Street Eat Bar. All of the food trucks in San Antonio are pretty eclectic. Theres even one that makes Waffle sandwiches there from time to time. If youre in a group and everyone wants something different, head here.
609 S Alamo St, San Antonio, TX 78205

If you’re down town but looking for something to do on Thursday before PAX, I would hit the Historic Perl Brewery. There are Bars and Restaurants there, all of which are local Authentic, and local music. Its also on a part of the river walk with lots of art installations right next to the San Antonio Art Museum. Don’t discount San Antonio’s music scene either. Check out the Paper Tiger. Since Austin has blown up with SXSW and skyrocketing cost of living in Austin, the San Antonio Music scene is getting better and better.



Typically cool in the mornings, and tempting to wear cold weather gear. But don’t. Light jackets and clothing work just fine by 10am. Possible rain in the morning on Fridays. 50s at night.


Tower of the Americas park and parking lot is just behind the convention center.

What to Pack

At least 2 bottles of water. Wear comfortable shoes. Light jacket that can be shoved into your bag as majority of the day will be warm. Granola or other bars of food.

Things to Do

Riverwalk and the Alamo
The convention center is connected to the Riverwalk which leads right to the Alamo. The Alamo is a 5 minute walk from the convention center.

The Riverwalk is a tourist trap of Chili’s and other chain resturants. See it once. Move On.

Perl Brewery
A 5 minute ride by river taxi up the riverwalk, and you arrive where the locals hang out, the Perl Brewery. Upscale dining and bars. Check out the Southerleigh brewery for the best taps downtown.

Thursday - PAX Eve

Various gamestores and groups host PAX Eve events. There will be a PAX Eve SRG Event at Multiverse Games held by Texas Supershow.


Take the day off work and its worth it. Friday is the least crowded day. If you are trying to do everything, arrive at 7AM. General high traffic events on Fridays are: Aquisitions Inc. Live Stream, Houston Gaymers party, Twitch/Mixer Parties, and the main concert in the Lila Cockerell Theater. In General, the concert and the Gaymers parties are worth going to.


The Expo Hall will be PACKED. expect to have hour wait times in queue lines. However, no lines in the gaming hall for SRG Events.


If your legs still work, the expo hall will be dying down but most things you are looking for are sold out. Sit down in the gaming hall, and enjoy what the SRG has to offer!

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