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Everything to Get You Started

I started playing this game a year ago at PAX South 2019. This is everything I wish I knew on the second day of playing the game. This rabbit hole can be deep! Were here to help you navigate it. This article assumes you got a demo at the SRG Booth…


Where to Play

How to Play - Singles

What I Wish I Knew Day 2...

So you’ve bought your starter. A few competitors. What else do I need?

Entrance Cards: Entrance cards have ongoing effects from the start of the game and expand the capabilities of your deck a lot. To get you started on entrance cards, I would recommend Director of Operations or True Survivor or SRG Mom. If you dont have one, go get one from the SRG Booth now. CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL LIST

Spectacles: Spectacles are special one-a-match cards that can turn the tide of a game. They must be autographed(By anyone) to be played. CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL LIST

Encylopedia Slammatica: This didn’t exist a year ago. One of the things I found that was so hard when I first entered the game was that there were so many cards that weren’t listed anywhere. I started Powerbomb Online with the first mission of cataloging every card ever printed and making them searchable. Thanks to my friend Justin Stein in Ohio, we have amassed even prototype cards into the Slammatica. All of the cards ever made are searchable here.

Kickstarter Feb. 23rd

Talk of the Universe! Wednesdays at 8PM

LIVE ON TWITCH HERE. This is the show to get all of the info on whats new and happening. Dont miss it.

Setting Up Play Groups

Each region/city has its own playgroups which has its own title rules and flavors. Texas has a handbook for how the Texas Organized Play works for titles. If you need help getting a play group set up in Texas, join the Texas Supershow group and we will help!

There is more...

Don’t hesitate to ask. This game has THE GREATEST community of ANY game I have ever played. Everyone is friendly and helpful. Don’t be shy. Nobody bites. And there are no dumb questions.

Welcome to a spectacle so grand it could only be called...

About Bob

If you see me, and have questions: ASK! I’m here to help. I’ll be at PAX South from sun up to way past sun down.

[email protected]

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