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Powerbomb 2.0

We have made some improvements to say the least.. Card Library This has been a monumentus task that I clearly did not understand when I thought of cataloging this collection. Among the upgrades, we added a special field to each card for the Card Number and Card Type. Before, we Read more…

Card Search 100% Complete

Approx 98% of the cards available in the Super Show Card game are searchable on We are currently completing competititors which may be complete today. Once we are at 100% completion, we will be working on rolling out our deck builder. Thanks to the SRG community for contribuiting to Read more…

San Antonio Super Show

Following PAX South the San Antonio Super Show facebook page was unveiled. Bob the Ogre, the moderator of the page, is creating the championship and belt for the South Texas region. Please join the Facebook group at San Antonio Super Show (or click here.)