2 players each using single Competitors VS 1 Player using a single Competitor.

Win Condition: First Fall
Separate in play piles in effect
DOUBLE TEAM in effect
PROTECTING in effect
SAVE in effect
If COUNT OUT is in effect. On either players turn if both team members have 0 cards in hand and deck they win the match by count out.
DQ is in effect.

All players roll for a TURN ROLL, the highest roll takes the the turn. In the case where two team members have the highest roll, both players draw a card but they must choose who starts the turn.

When the Handicapped player wins a turn roll, they draw 2 cards and and may play 1 card vs each opponent.

DOUBLE TEAM: If two team members roll the same skill for a TURN ROLL , they can choose to high five, fist bump, or too sweet in order to combine their turn roll an attack any opposing player in the order of their choosing. When a FINISH card is played resolve any FINISH, then the second double teaming player plays a card.
***If you double team with a player you may still stop his played card and PROTECT the other player or SAVE the other player.