Rules per the SRG Website

Starting the Match
After their decks have been shuffled, players draw three cards from the top of their deck. In order to see which player takes the first turn, each player rolls their Supershow die and checks the skill rolled with the matching skill on their Competitor card. These are skills that every Competitor has: POWER, TECHNIQUE, AGILITY, STRIKE, SUBMISSION, GRAPPLE

The player that rolls the higher number draws one card and takes their turn. In the event of a tie, both players draw one card and then both players roll again. This roll is referred to as a “turn roll and a tie is known as a “bump.”

On Your Turn
When you have won the turn roll you may do one of two things:
1) Play one card from your hand: The cards in your deck are wrestling maneuvers that you want to hit your opponent with All cards in your deck are labeled as a Lead, Follow-Up, or Finish. Players may only play a Follow-Up card if they have any Lead card in play, and may only play a Finish card when they have any Follow-Up card in play. Lead cards may be played any time during your turn.

Stops and Hits
Whenever you play a card on your turn, your opponent may “Stop” your card. This can be done with cards that have the STOP symbol and text referring to the type of card being stopped. When a card is stopped that card goes into the “discard pile” and the Stop card played goes in play. If a card has the STOP symbol it can be played on your turn as a maneuver or on your opponent’s turn to stop one your opponent’s maneuvers. This stop card, Headlock, can be used to stop any Lead Strike card. The card Headbutt which was shown before, is a Lead Strike, therefore Headlock can stop Headbutt.

If your opponent does not stop your played card, then the card is “hit.”

When a card is hit then it stays face up under your Competitor and it is now in play.

2) Bury a card: A player may choose to end their turn and not play any cards. When they do this they must take one card from their discard pile and place it on the bottom of their deck. This act is known as burying one card in your discard pile. When a card is buried it means it is taken from that location and placed on the bottom of that player’s deck. A player may only play one card on their turn and regardless of if that card is hit or stopped a turn roll occurs. This means that, if you play a card on your turn and your opponent is not able to stop it, after you perform the text on the card, you and your opponent both roll your die and the winner of the roll draws one card and takes the next turn.

Winning the Match

Pin and Submission
When you hit a Finish card, you attempt to defeat your opponent with a “Finish Roll.” For a Finish Roll: The player who hit their finish card performs the text on the Finish card. . That player rolls the die and matches their roll symbol to the related skill on their Competitor. . The other player has three rolls to tie or beat this roll, this is known as a “Breakout Roll.” If they are unable to tie or beat this roll, the match ends.

If a Breakout Roll ties or beats the finish roll then all cards that both players have in play go into their discardpiles. When this was the first successful Breakout Roll, put the first Crowd Meter card is put into play. Every additional time a Breakout Roll ties or beats a finish roll, put the next Crowd Meter card into play, making the match more likely to end after each breakout.

Count Out: Another way to win in The Supershow is by count-out. If at the start of your turn you have zero cards in your hand AND zero cards in your deck, you WIN the match by count out.

The Competitor that you play as has a unique gimmick that gives them an advantage in The Supershow. This gimmick is the text on your competitor card that can be used throughout the match depending on what the text says.

Finish Cards
Each Competitor has his own set of finish cards with his logo on the bottom left hand corner of the card. Finish cards are numbered 28, 29 and 30 in your deck. You may not use finish cards in your deck that have another Competitor’s logo in the bottom left hand corner of the cards. El Super Hombre would get very angry if Snake Pitt did the El Super Hold!

Additional Rules
On your 1st turn of the game, when you do not have a lead card, you may show your opponent your hand, place your hand on the bottom of your deck, and draw the same number of cards.

Maximum Hand Size
The maximum number of cards you may have in your hand is 10. If you draw cards and have more than 10 cards in your hand you must immediately place cards from your hand into your discard pile until you have exactly 10, cards in your hand.

Flipping Cards
The term FLIP means to take the top card of your deck and place it into your discard pile. Deck Construction: If you’re looking to change things up, you can mix-and-match cards from different decks to try and finetune your competitor. Your deck must contain 30 cards, one of each number card from 1-30.

For more rules, and much more, go to! Let’s Roll!