2 players each with single Competitors VS 1 Player, using either a printed Tag Team, or 2 Single Competitors. Example the Tiki Twins, printed Tag Team, or The Team of El Super Hombre and The Masked Llama.

Win Condition: First Fall

Separate in play piles in effect 

DOUBLE TEAM in effect for the team of 2

PROTECTING in effect for the team of 2

SAVE in effect

If COUNT OUT is in effect. On either players turn if both team members have 0 cards in hand and deck they win the match by count out.

DQ is in effect.

All players roll for a TURN ROLL, the highest roll takes the the turn. In the case where two team members have the highest roll, both players draw a card but they must choose who starts the turn.

When the tag team player wins a turn roll, they draw 2 cards and and may play 1 card vs each opponent.

DOUBLE TEAM: If two team members roll the same skill for a TURN ROLL , they can choose to high five, fist bump, or too sweet in order to combine their turn roll an attack any opposing player in the order of their choosing. When a FINISH card is played resolve any FINISH, then the second double teaming player plays a card.

***If you double team with a player you may still stop his played card and PROTECT the other player or SAVE the other player.